What My Clients Say

"A lot of people in marketing want to give advice and 'strategize,' charge a lot of money and not put any elbow grease in themselves. This is not Gail. She is a very rare find that can think big and also get every detail done herself without handholding. I ran audience development for newsrooms and have worked as a journalist for 12+ years. My expertise in these all of these subjects is high, and my standards are higher. Gail exceeded them, and will be my first call on any project in the future." 

- Katherine Goldstein, The Double Shift

"Gail is a true pro—she knows her stuff, she is full of great ideas, and she gets things done. She’s also a pleasure to work with. In just a few short months, Gail helped us turn a flagging content marketing effort into a more effective and focused platform."

- Brian Levy, Pulse Health & Wellness

Gail makes everything she touches better. She takes the entire concept, audience and medium into consideration and puts together a body of work that sings and delivers on exactly what you’re trying to do. She’s a class act, with both poise and creativity to adapt to a variety of styles. Gail has my highest recommendation!

- Stephanie Sumner, McKinney

Gail is a brilliant writer who is able to capture her clients' voices perfectly. She works hard to stay ahead of industry trends and she cares deeply about putting out great work. I highly recommend her for writing and content creation.

- Jill Dykes, Jill Dykes PR

"Whether working with C-suite executives on feature articles or mastering the world of social media and PR, Gail's writing always has a savvy POV, sass, and strength."  

- Laura Tierney, Founder, The Social Institute

"Gail is relentless about telling the story in the most compelling way, and you'll know that the minute you start working with her."  

- Walt Barron, Chief Strategy Officer, McKinney