The Gist

Writing has always been fun, but the internet made it a party with keywords, SEO, metadata, tags, trending topics, and social media. Anyone providing content marketing services, in particular, is having a heyday trying to keep up with it all. I help clients figure out who they should be talking to, where these people already are, what they want to hear, how best to say it. I live and breathe editorial calendars. Let's have some fun together strategizing, planning, and creating content. No, seriously, it can be fun.

My Background

I remember the day I learned how to read the word spelled "the," which didn't sound at all like it looked. Twenty years later, I earned a master's degree in English literature and ended up writing in corporate America, specifically for marketing and advertising. I also remember the day I bought my first smartphone: As a soon-to-be SXSW speaker in 2010, I thought it a necessary accessory. Fashionably late to the digital game, I'm now a SXSW Advisory Board Member and help clients like Katherine Goldstein and Jessamyn Stanley.